Bummer at Luna Beach



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A beach, a bluff, and a body

A body has been found at Luna Beach, one arm sticking out of the sand at the bottom of the bluff. While police detective Rory Gallardo and his staff uncover the man’s origins, 72-year-old Rosie McMahon and her cat Hephaestus are also on the case. Pursuing clues with the help of her journalist pal Lou and environmentalist student Tiffany, Rosie discovers a mystery bigger than a dead tourist.

Set against the backdrop of a classic Southern California beach town, Bummer at Luna Beach is an eco-cozy mystery to win the hearts of those who like their beach towns funky.

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Cozy Mystery
ISBN: 979-8-9890337-0-6 (paperback) $15.99
ISBN: 979-8-9890337-1-3 (e-book) $5.99
ISBN: 979-8-9890337-4-4 (hardcover – wide distribution)
ISBN: 979-8-9890337-3-7 (hardcover – Barnes & Noble) $26.99
Library of Congress Control Number: 2024900105