Murder at Old St. Thomas’s

Murder at Old St. Thomas's paperback and ebook

My best-selling mystery and winner of a Historical Fiction Company “Highly Recommended” Medal for 2022

“Lane’s prose is layered, immersive, and immediately transports readers to nineteenth century London.” — Booklife, Publisher’s Weekly

“The fast-moving plot, the convincing connections between characters of different classes, and the eye-opening portrait of Victorian medical knowledge make this a first-rate historical mystery.” — Historical Novel Society

“A delightful whodunit with a cast of characters that shine with Victorian England authenticity.”
“a charming historical murder mystery”
Skillful writing pulled it all together for a very enjoyable read.” 
a well told story that I enjoyed completely” 
“I won’t hesitate to buy future works by this author”
“A very pleasant and intriguing read to transport you back to the Victorian era.”


In 1862 London, the body of a famous surgeon is found, sitting upright, in an old operating theatre. His dead eyes stare at the table at the center of the room, where patients had screamed and cried as medical students looked on.

The bookish Inspector Slaughter must discover the killer with the help of his American sergeant Mark Honeycutt and clues from Nightingale nurses, surgeon’s dressers, devious apothecaries, and even stage actors. Victorian Southwark becomes the theatre for revealing secrets of the past in a world where anesthesia is new, working-class audiences enjoy Shakespeare, and women reformers solve society’s problems.

Murder at Old St. Thomas’s is a traditional historical mystery, meant to be read in front of a fire, real or electric, with a cup of cocoa. The story unfolds evenly, without jump scenes or shockers, and there is no graphic violence.

Real historical figures guest star throughout the book, bringing Victorian London to life. A book for lovers of Agatha Christie and Anne Perry.

Murder at Old St. Thomas’s
Novel, 240 pages
Publication date: 6 March 2022
Historical Mystery / Historical Fiction
ISBN: 979-8-9853027-2-1 (paperback)
ISBN: 979-8-9869845-4-4 (hardcover)

ISBN: 979-8-9853027-3-8 (e-book)
Library of Congress Control Number: 2022901917

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