About Lisa

Lisa M. Lane is a historian and author of historical fiction, including traditional mysteries set in Victorian England, as well as non-fiction, literary fiction, and contemporary cozies. Born in England but living in California most of her life, her work embraces the tension between historical fact and historical imagination. When she’s not researching and writing, she can be found pontificating about online pedagogy, gardening in root-bound soil, or watching classic movies.

Before the Time Machine is a work of literary fiction, blending a biography of the young H. G. Wells with the research life of a historian. Murder at Old St. Thomas’s is the first of several Victorian mysteries, including Murder at an Exhibition and the forthcoming Murder on the Pneumatic Railway. Also recently published is a collection of H. G. Wells’s science teaching writings, and work on Wells and distance education. 

Lisa is a retired college professor. She has also been a professional lighting designer, a Manpower temp, a clerk in a law firm, a textbook contributor, an IATSE extra, a political campaign worker, a production manager for a Shakespeare festival, and a cold caller for a portrait studio. She was even a playground monitor for exactly two hours until she was fired for letting the kids do whatever they wanted at lunchtime. 

Contact Lisa at lisa@grousablebooks.com.