Murder at an Exhibition

Murder at an Exhibition paperback and ebook

  • “a great historical mystery novel” 
  • “a fun romp through mid-nineteenth century British society, with an exciting blend of historical figures and compelling original characters”
  • “entertaining and well-written historical mystery with its cast of likeable characters”
  • “The resolution to the mystery is satisfyingly unexpected” — Historical Novel Society Magazine


In 1863 London, a photographer is murdered, his body found at the Royal Academy Exhibition shortly after his assistant, Bridget, is locked in the dark-room at the studio. Days later, art expert Giovanni Morelli is attacked. 

With the police unable to see the connection, illustrator Jo Harris must help Bridget uncover the clues among wealthy art collectors and purveyors of photographic pornography, with help from the likes of Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Sir Charles Eastlake.

The second of the Tommy Jones Mysteries, Murder at an Exhibition is a traditional history mystery, meant to be read in front of a fire, real or electric, with a cup of cocoa. The story unfolds evenly, without jump scenes or shockers, and no graphic violence. 

Real historical figures guest star throughout the book, bringing Victorian London to life. A book for lovers of Agatha Christie and Anne Perry.

Murder at an Exhibition
Novel, 246 pages
Published 12 October 2022
Historical Mystery / Historical Fiction
ISBN: 979-8-9853027-4-5 (paperback) 
ISBN: 979-8-9869845-5-1 (hardcover)

ISBN: 979-8-9853027-5-2 (e-book) 
Library of Congress Control Number: 2022914744

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