New! Bummer at Luna Beach

5 starsA body is found at Luna Beach, one arm sticking out of the sand at the bottom of the bluff. While police detective Rory Gallardo and his staff uncover the man’s origins, 72-year-old Rosie McMahon and her cat Hephaestus are also on the case. Pursuing clues with the help of her journalist pal Lou and environmentalist student Tiffany, Rosie discovers a mystery bigger than a dead tourist.

Set against the backdrop of a classic Southern California beach town, Bummer at the Beach is a cozy mystery to win the hearts of those who like their beach towns funky.

Lisa M. Lane, author of historical fiction and more

Come with me back to the late 19th century, and meet Katherine and H.G. Wells, who work together in Before the Time Machine. Or join Inspector Slaughter and his American sergeant as they solve the Murder at Old St. Thomas’s. You can accompany Jo Harris and her friend Bridget as they encounter a Murder at an Exhibition, see Tommy Jones come of age in Murder on the Pneumatic Railway, or enjoy a Victorian romance in A Heart Purloined.

Greetings and welcome to my author website. I am Lisa M. Lane, a historian and author who writes historical fiction, including traditional mysteries set in Victorian England, as well as non-fiction. I also publish the Grousable Books Newsletter with writing tidbits, classic movie reviews, and book news. You can subscribe here.

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The Tommy Jones Mysteries

Murder at Old St. Thomas's Murder at an Exhibition Murder on the Pneumatic Railway
Murder at Old St. Thomas’s
2022 Historical Fiction Company 5-Star Highly Recommended Medal
Murder at an Exhibition
Murder on the Pneumatic Railway

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Historical Mystery RomanceA Heart Purloined cover with medal

Before the Time Machine H.G. Wells on Science Education (1886-1897) A Heart Purloined
2023 Silver Medal in historical romance from the Coffee Pot Book Club