Short stories

Short stories are stand-alone tales. 

The Dancing Colonel

published 1 May 2023

A charity ball seems the perfect event for Bridget to show off her cakes and tarts. But when Colonel Marsh drops dead on the dance floor in front of his young partner, questions arise. Was it heart trouble or poison? And if it was poison, are Bridget’s treats to blame? Join Bridget and her friend Jo Harris in solving the mystery of the dancing colonel.

This book features Tommy Jones mystery characters, and will appear later in The Casebook of Inspector Slaughter and Friends.

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Murder Steampunk Style cover

Murder Steampunk Style

published 28 August 2023

When obnoxious steampunk author Vernon Sledge is found dead at the 19th Annual Steampunk Convention in San Diego, it is up to high school teacher Emily Carter and her students to help un- ravel the mystery. Assisted by convention attendees in their neo-Victorian finery and at least one Sherlock Holmes, the team follows the clues from the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, the vendor tables, and author interviews to discover whodunnit.


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