A mini-lecture and a book

As a recently retired history professor, I cannot help a little lecturing when there is confusion. My heart is breaking for those suffering in the eastern Mediterranean, so as an author and historian I’m naturally going to recommend a book as my contribution to the peace process.

The conflict between Palestinian Arabs and Israelis . . . → Read More: A mini-lecture and a book

1 November 2023

Grousable Books Newletter banner

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This newsletter introduces some older detectives, Paperback Alley in Escondido, and the recent edits of my beach cozy. A big welcome to all new subscribers!

Hurrah for older protagonists

I’ve been enjoying the very lively characters in Richard . . . → Read More: 1 November 2023

Grousable Blog

Free Victorian mystery short story . . . → Read More: Grousable Blog

15 October 2023

Grousable Books Newletter banner A faster romance

Well, ok, the romance itself isn’t any faster, but obtaining a paperback book is! I’ve allowed Amazon to print its own version of A Heart Purloined. After checking the quality closely, I went ahead and listed it on their site.

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1 October 2023

Grousable Books Newletter banner Guesting with Alexia Gordon

I’ve been wanting to guest on Alexia Gordon’s Cozy Corner podcast for awhile now, and I was lucky enough to have the chance at Bouchercon.

Cozy Corner Podcast . . . → Read More: 1 October 2023

Mystery conference: things learned

On my first day at Bouchercon, the huge conference for mystery writers and readers, I was taken by the fact that everyone was talking about books, which I thought was strange.

By “book” we now mean a codex rather than a scroll or an oral tradition. Since medieval times, reading silently to oneself has become . . . → Read More: Mystery conference: things learned

Grousable Books Newsletter: September 15

Grousable Books Newletter banner Bouchercon

Named after mystery writer and critic Anthony Boucher, Bouchercon is the a huge convention of mystery writers and readers. This was my first time, and it was fantastic. Mystery folks are the friendliest and nicest people. Why? I think it’s because all . . . → Read More: Grousable Books Newsletter: September 15

Mr. Wells and the gorilla

It begins, as these things often do, with a search for a source. Wellsians, as we style ourselves, are familiar with this picture of H.G. hanging with a gorilla skeleton,

What I didn’t realize was how far back Wells was dealing with gorillas. In his . . . → Read More: Mr. Wells and the gorilla

Grousable Books Newsletter: September 1

Grousable Books Newletter banner Literary fiction in hardcover

Whether book readers have been awaiting it or not, I certainly have. My literary novel Before the Time Machine (2021) is finally available in hardcover.

hardcover book: Before the Time Machine . . . → Read More: Grousable Books Newsletter: September 1

Rest: a poem

Sensing autumn in the air

the sap wonders whether it’s time to pull back.

It hesitates, leaving some leaves green and others brown.

A striped hawk comes looking for an errant mouse,

an inattentive lizard.

Each season was once anticipatory

spring the prelude to glorious summer

winter . . . → Read More: Rest: a poem